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Uk Poet Ralph Windle

Ralph Windle has become an established UK poet for his funny, humorous and motivational business poetry and business analysis. His poems have been used to entertain and motivate free thinkers, artists, scientists, engineers and businessmen alike, with their clever wit and funny edge. Ralph Windle (writing under the name of Bertie Ramsbottom) has had his humorous business poetry anthology published, quoted and admired internationally for it's ballad poems, humorous business poems and funny poems and poetry about all aspects of business and its reflection on human nature.

UK Poet

UK poetry or British Poetry is know for its strength and insight, passion and intellectual prowess. The Modern British poetry of UK poet Ralph Windle succeeds in all these areas, spanning the Arts, business, science and politics and building connections between them in his poems, with wit, humour and a creative intelligence.

Please take your time to enjoy the humorous and yet important poetry that this website has to offer. You will find motivational business poems, ballad poems, business poems and inspirational business poetry.

All of this is but an introduction to the work of Ralph Windle though.

Developing the relationship between art and science

We hope you will also discover his ideas for the furthered cooperation of the arts and the sciences in his explanation of the creative value network. The Creative Value Network, bridging gaps between art and science, is designed to give a new and different impetus to the creative processes of innovation and ideas, and create a bridge and an understanding between the professional arts, science, technology and education communities.

On this page you will find comments on Raplh Windle's work, and example of his poetry about business, and links to samples of his many creative and funny works, poems and ideas.

We hope these motivational business poems and ballad poems about all aspects of human nature, art, philosopy and business will lead you to a fuller enjoyment of satrical and funny, humorous poetry created by UK poet, writer, lecturer, business analyst, business school professor, visiting professor and broadcaster; Ralph Windle.

Motivational business poems

These motivational business poems have been admired internationally for their humour, cynisism and wit. We hope you will find these poems motivational and inspirational as well as just funny and entertaining

Motivational business poems can be read online here.

Ballad Poems

In the style of a ballad poem, Ralph Windle has written about business with a witty simplicity of style and yet insightful and intellectual wit and humour. Ballad poems about business can be found here. Simply read on for more entertaining and amusing poetry, which both lovingly and cuttingly exposes the ridiculousness and sheepishness of business for what it can really be. Enjoy, learn and be inspired by these delightfully witty ballad poems.

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"We agree with Bertie's admirers. These pieces are delightful"
Harvard Business Review

"Poet Laureate of the Boardroom, Bertie Ramsbottom's verses have caught the imagination of F.T. readers the world over"
Financial Times

"What George Kaufman was to Broadway, Bertie Ramsbottom is to the Business world..."
Samuel Steinberg, New York

The Bottom Line

The Business true-believer's Shrine
Is something called 'The Bottom Line';
All Great Religions need their Sign.
Some symbol of the Most Divine.

Until the Audit-Priests have read
Its mystic runes, as Black or Red,
Our futures, and the Chairman's head,
All hang, suspended from this thread.

Though heretics may think it thick
That mighty Corporation tick
For little, but a line of slick
Accountancy arithmetic;
We-typist, laborer and boss-
All worship at its Omphalos,
And pray the magic lines may cross
at PROFIT oftener than LOSS.

Devout, behind its altar, lurk
We acolytes who do the work,
The Faithful Body of the Kirk,
All waiting on the Holy Quirk.

This Book's for us. The lengthy line,
From Board to Office, Plant, Design,
Who serve our Corporate Divine,
Somewhere behind The Bottom Line

Bertie Ramsbottom

Ralph Windle

UK Poet, Writer and Presenter. Ralph Windle

Ralph Windle: UK Poet, Performance poet uk, Writer, Lecturer, Performer, Educator, Poet, Creator of Bertie Ramsbottom

In the Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, BBC Radio...

A talented and insightful uk poet and author of inspirational, motivational, humorous and downright funny business poetry and ballad poems about business, the arts and free thinking.