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Developing the creative relationship between art and science

For too long, art, science, engineering, drama, poetry, even politics have been considered isolated disciplines, or at least found it difficult to exist in support of each other.

Creative networks: Stimulating creativity

The creative value network aims to stimulate creativity and cooperation by supporting and developing the relationship between art and science, engineering and all aspects of creative development and ingenuity.

Communication and interaction between art and science, poetry and engineering...

By creating a dialogue between the arts, sciences and all professional fields of creativity, the creative value network hopes to realise the potential for interdisciplinary development and progress.

The first stage is of course, communication. By supporting projects for cross disciplinary projects and relationships, the network hopes to see science and art (or art and science!) grow with each other, with benefits that will be realised throughout the creative and scientific communities.

This sounds like a huge undertaking, but the core idea is simple. From the seeds which the creative value network sow, the true creativity of the network's participants can be allowed to reach new levels of development through shared interests and common goals, as well of course, as differences. It is CVN's belief that these differences are not only healthy, but when treated as a space in which to pour creativity, the key to a new and more powerful and exiting relationship between art and science, poetry and engineering, drama and mathematics. You get the idea!

The idea and broad mission of the CVN was first set out in the Oxford Times (June 2001) by its founder and CEO Ralph Windle.

Its Chairman is distinguished engineer and scientist Dr Robert Hawley CBE (former Chairman of Taylor Woodrow plc and strategic adviser to HSBC Investment Bank) whose lead role in the recent restructuring of the UK engineering profession is told in "The Rebirth of UK Engineering" which was launched by Lord Sainsbury in February 2003.


The Creative Value Network

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