What They're Saying About The Creative Value Network

Opinions on the growth of the art / science relationship

Even before the Creative value network has been officially launched, professionals and amateurs alike have been expressing a deep and profound interest and agreement with the cross-disciplinary philosophy of the network. It is being realised that artists need scientists, and scientist need artists, for practical, creative and spiritual support in their actually very similar pursuits. Bellow are a selection of comments from people who realise the importance of the relationship between art and science, and the motivating thought of an increased future cooperation that's spans disciplines and creative fields. Whether your background is that of a mathematician, poet, writer, fine artist, engineer, speaker or politician, the importance of the creative value network and it's principals reaches into your fields and beyond.

Please read on for what is only the first taste of this experiment into creative driven networks and professional cooperation and creativity.

Lord David Puttnam

'One great benefit of the CVN programme is that it has alerted us to the urgent need for action and serious progress in this field. Indeed, it seems to us that the future of the UK engineering industry clearly depends on such progress.'

former Chairman, Nesta, to the Engineering and Technology Board.

Anna Craft

'The enormous energy, thought and direction which has gone into the CVN project is clear, together with the constituency of supportive and interested parties at all sorts of level and many fields of activity.'

Open University Creativity Centre.

Dr Alf Roberts

'I have discussed the CVN project with colleagues and they share my view that a partnership between the IEE and CVN would indeed bring mutual benefit.'

CEO, Institution of Electrical Engineers.

Dr Robert Hawley CBE DSC

'My purpose has been to highlight the need for more open, two-way, interactions between engineers and the arts and humanities.'

'The situation urgently requires action to secure the future. By definition, there is a very large number of professional engineers already in mid-career and also, in the new socio-economic climate, working independently. I am alert to the significance of their creative needs.

Dr Robert Hawley

For this reason, I have taken an increasing role in the Creative Value Network organisation set up by Ralph Windle. We are close to launching a sustained, interactive programme of events, working projects, research and communication links; aimed precisely at stimulating the freer exchange of creative ideas and experience across disciplinary boundaries. This programme is known as The Janus Programme, named after the Roman god of the open door . . .'

Engineering and the Creative Arts : A New Frontier. [ pdf ]
Royal Academy of Engineering / Royal Society of Edinburgh Lecture 2005.

Dr Robert Bud

'Following your preliminary discussions with our Director, Lindsay Sharp, he has asked me to follow them up and I must say that I have accepted with enthusiasm.'

Principal Curator, Museum of Science and Industry.

Professor John Perkins

'The Brookes/CVN partnership is getting off to an excellent start... Many thanks for your support - indeed lead - in that respect.'

former Dean, School of Arts and Humanities, Oxford Brookes University.

What They Are Saying

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