Modern British Poetry from UK Poet, Writer and Presenter. Ralph Windle

Modern British Poetry from UK Poet Ralph Windle

Modern British Poetry

Employing the hollow business jargon as a device for gaining insight into the corporate system and mentality, Ralph Windle's poems investigate the characters and personalities behind the cold world of business and brings satire, warmth and humour to the corporate world. Writing under the name Bertie Ramsbottom, Ralph Windle creates both prose and poetry in a style which, though wonderfully British, is also internationally significant and understood. The modern poetry anthology of modern British poetry regarding business is internationally published and has brought enjoyment to people from all backgrounds and in all fields. Though traditionally precise and well crafted, Ralph Windle's poems remain Modern and fresh and continue to be at the forefront of British poetry whilst existing outside of trends and fashions. This collection of modern British poetry and UK poems will, hopefully, delight and surprise you.

UK poetry or British Poetry is known for its strength and insight, passion and intellectual prowess. The Modern British poetry of UK poet Ralph Windle succeeds in all these areas, spanning the Arts, business, science and politics and building connections between them with wit, humour and a creative intelligence.

The Poetry of Business Life

Ralph Windle is the editor of The Poetry of Business Life, as well as the author of Boardroom Ballads and The Bottom Line, and co-editor (with William Keyser) of Public Enterprises in the EEC. His poetry has appeared in various international publications, including the Harvard Business Review and The Financial Times, under the pen name Bertie Ramsbottom. Formerly chief executive of the biscuit division and board director of Nabisco, UK, Windle now acts as an independent business consultant to boards and senior management of multi-divisional and international companies in Europe and the U.S. He is a Founder Fellow of Templeton College, Oxford (Oxford Centre for Management Studies) and serves as a visiting lecturer in business strategy at Oxford and at other universities in Europe and the U.S.

"We agree with Bertie's admirers. These pieces are delightful"
Harvard Business Review

"Poet Laureate of the Boardroom, Bertie Ramsbottom's verses have caught the imagination of F.T. readers the world over"
Financial Times

"What George Kaufman was to Broadway, Bertie Ramsbottom is to the Business world..."
Samuel Steinberg, New York

The Bottom Line

The Business true-believer's Shrine
Is something called 'The Bottom Line';
All Great Religions need their Sign.
Some symbol of the Most Divine.

Until the Audit-Priests have read
Its mystic runes, as Black or Red,
Our futures, and the Chairman's head,
All hang, suspended from this thread.

Though heretics may think it thick
That mighty Corporation tick
For little, but a line of slick
Accountancy arithmetic;
We-typist, laborer and boss-
All worship at its Omphalos,
And pray the magic lines may cross
at PROFIT oftener than LOSS.

Devout, behind its altar, lurk
We acolytes who do the work,
The Faithful Body of the Kirk,
All waiting on the Holy Quirk.

This Book's for us. The lengthy line,
From Board to Office, Plant, Design,
Who serve our Corporate Divine,
Somewhere behind The Bottom Line

Bertie Ramsbottom

Ralph Windle

UK Poet, Writer and Presenter. Ralph Windle

Ralph Windle: UK Poet, Performance poet uk, Writer, Lecturer, Performer, Educator, Poet, Creator of Bertie Ramsbottom

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A talented and insightful uk poet and author of inspirational, motivational, humorous and downright funny business poetry and ballad poems about business, the arts and free thinking.