Poetry of Science, Engineering and Technology

The 'PEST' (Poetry of Engineering, Science and Technology) Anthology project is already launched, but there is plenty of time for you to join in - send us something you have written yourself or read.

Like John Updike's 'Cosmic Gall'

'Neutrinos, they are very small.
They have no charge and have no mass
And do not interact at all.
The earth is just a silly ball
To them, through which they simply pass,
Like dustmaids down a draughty hall...'

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Your Country Needs You!

We believe that serious business, like CVN's, needs the leavening of wit and good humour. The 'PEST' project will create a wide and highly interactive public involvement which epitomises CVN's novel approach to imaginative, cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Both 'established' and 'new, unpublished' work is invited to join the more-than-fifty poets and pieces already proposed.

Blake's Sir Isaac Newton

What about this Pope and Squire double act?

'Nature and Nature's laws lay hid in the night.
God said 'Let Newton be!' and all was light.'
Alexander Pope (1730)

'It did not last : the Devil howling 'Ho!
Let Einstein be!' restored the status quo.'
J C Squire (1926)

I think my favourite, so far, is Anne Stevenson's
'The Spirit is too Blunt an Instrument'.

'The spirit is too blunt an instrument
to have made this baby.
Nothing so unskilful as human passions
could have managed the intricate
exacting particulars : the tiny
blind bones with their manipulating tendons,
the knee and the knucklebones, the resilient
fine meshings of ganglia and vertebrae
in the chain of the difficult spine.'

But Sheenagh Pugh's 'Bumblebees and the Scientific Method' runs it close!

You'll get the idea...

Join the unheard of and the famous in what could be the Book of the Year.

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