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UK performances of the poetry of Ralph Windle can be booked for all kinds of business and social events and, even comissioned

Live poetry readings of humorous and intelligent business poetry and ballads, poems about business life.

Ralph Windle, performance poet UK, has created motivational business poems and funny, insightful poetry and verse for the international business community and individuals alike. His inspirational and refreshingly honest and insightful poetry has earned Ralph Windle an international following of inspired and entertained admirers, ranging from The National Press Club, Washington DC, through Harvard, Oxford and The London Savoy. The humorous and sharp wit contained within his poetry is both motivational, inspirational and simply very funny. The works featured in his published book, the bottom line; a book of boardroom ballads, are but a few examples of the entertaining and relevant poetry of Ralph Windle.

Ralph has presented his ideas and humour in various international locations, and has been quoted and referenced even more so. His exiting and humorous ballads are a motivational aid for the free thinking among us. The insight provided by these witty and amusing poetical works can be used to motivate and inspire at business conferences and meetings by removing any edge of pretence to such occasions and providing those present at the conference, dinner or live event with a much needed dose of humour and wisdom. You can book Ralph Windle, uk Performance poet, for a live presentation at business or personal conferences and occasions and hear for yourself his entertaining and fascinating laments on the hidden comedy of business life. You can even commission you own personalised or themed poem, and have your bespoke poetry read by Ralph to entertain, motivate and inspire your delegates, colleagues or friends.

On this website you can read samples of Ralph Windle's modern british poetry, business ballad poetry and generally humourous poetry and poems about business... Enyoy!

Live readings, conference presentations and concert performances of Bertie Ramsbottom's works can be booked...

Or you can commission your own 'Ramsbottom' - Like this:

Charlotte Square

[For Trust House Forte Magazine]

C a 'canny Scots, wi' Wallace fled,
H ence left by Sassenachs for dead,
A re back as Gnomes of Charlotte Square,
R emodelled into banker-wear;
L ulling auld London foes to sleep,
O n haggis, scotch and salmon-leap;
T heir dirks long fashioned into shares,
T o long-term bonds and fiscal wares.
E dinburgh rules, OK! As world-investors,
Scots waha!

S o, all through London's bigger bang,
Q uiet Scots have played it lang,
U nimpressed by southern nancies
A cting out their short-term fancies;
R elishing that long return
E ngland's owed since Bannockburn.

Bertie Ramsbottom

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"Thank you for your excellent contribution to yesterday's event (Oxford University Trust Pool Seminar 2004.) You struck exactly the right chord with the gathered throng . . . All the offerings were excellent and I think 'The Consultant' rang the bell with almost everyone! Many thanks once again."

Steve Howarth - Head of Treasury, University of Oxford

"How can we begin to thank you for such a tremendous evening at the Savoy? The joyful reverberations are still sounding about my ears from all who attended, at your professionalism and the sheer brilliance of your performance."

Lucy Thellusson - Saxton Bampfylde plc, London

"Bertie. Thank you for an extraordinary performance at the Oxford Senior Managers Development Programme."

Arne Christensen - Datacentraler, Denmark

"An unforgettable medley. We found it wise, stimulating and funny. Very funny..."

Christine Large - Director, Bletchley Park

Live Appearances

Ralph Windle, performance poet uk, performing poetry live at the London Savoy

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